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A complete guide to buying the perfect epilator

June 17th, 2020

It has only been a few hours since you shaved, and you already feel the prickle of stubble returning when you touch your legs. Well, you are not the only one. Many women feel the same disappointment when looking at the preparation time and care that went into the process.

This is where epilators are different. Women who switched to using epilators for hair removal are not only pointing out the convenience and the time saved by using them but they also notice that their hair is becoming thinner and fewer.

Let us save you the trouble of shaving and help you find the best epilator for you!

What is epilating?

Epilating is the process of removing body hair from the root using an epilator tool, rather than cutting it with a blade, and it leaves the skin smooth from 3 to 6 weeks.

What to look for in an epilator?


It is unlikely to achieve completely smooth legs with the first epilation, but this does not mean that you are using it wrong, or that the epilator doesn’t work. Your hair grows in different cycles, so the hairs that hadn’t reached the surface yet when you were epilating, might appear afterward. If these hairs appear, repeat the epilation in that area after 2-3 days. This way you will be able to sync the hair growth cycles, and achieve a smoother finish just a few epilations later.

Pain threshold

There is no denying that the first couple of times epilators will be painful. The reason for that is your hair being pulled from the root, and in essence, is like tweezing multiple hairs at once.

To lower the pain, try epilating after having a hot bath where the hair follicles are open and the skin is softer overall. Exfoliate your body often, in order to prevent ingrown hairs and hair laying flat on the skin.

But don’t worry. The pain does ease with regular use, which is why many women prefer epilating over shaving or waxing more sensitive areas like the bikini lines or the underarms.

Type of the epilator

There are three types of epilators available on the market


Spring epilators were the first type of epilators produced, and they used a spring coil to remove the hair but they are rarely manufactured these days. They are more commonly used for removing facial hair.

Rotating disc

Rotating disc epilators use small rotating plates or discs that move fast and create an effect similar to tweezers, by removing hair from the root. Then these discs come together they remove multiple hairs at once for faster epilation.


Tweezer epilators are quite similar to the rotating disc epilators but are slightly more precise with advances in design. When the head rotates, the plate tips come together and catch hairs between them and “tweeze” them from the root before releasing the hair.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Epilators have become more popular than ever before and the main reason for that is their efficiency. Shaving requires much more preparation, and for the most part, wet shaving is necessary, whereas epilators can also be used on dry skin. As the epilator removes multiple hairs at once it shortens the time to remove the hair, and the results last much longer.

Wet or dry

Epilators are mostly used on dry skin, which adds to the efficiency. However, there are few models of epilators that are both wet and dry and can be used in the shower or underwater, but as expected, they tend to have a higher price point.

Warm water and humidity soften the skin and open hair follicles, making epilating sensitive skin less painful.

Speed settings

There are some epilators on the market that have multiple epilation speed settings. The different speeds can be used for gentler epilation when epilating for the first time, or the faster settings for more efficient epilation.

Corded or battery operated

Just like electric shavers, epilators can be corded or battery-operated depending on the model. This decision is down to preference. Corded epilators are generally more powerful and maintain optimum performance throughout an epilation, meaning less time spent going over the same area multiple times and cause less irritation to the skin.

Areas of use

Epilators are primarily used on your legs, although many models come with attachments for arms, underarms, bikini lines, and the face. These attachments fix over the epilator head and create smaller space for epilation allowing more precision.


Some women prefer a little more privacy when grooming and epilators can be somewhat loud due to the rotating plates. They generally have the same volume as an electric shaver, altho this noise may vary among models and brands. If you are looking for a more discrete tool then the epilator is probably not the best fit for you.


Epilators can last up to five years and usually, replacement parts are easily available.


The price of an epilator depends on the features that it has, such as the attachments that come with it, the level of exfoliation it offers, the flexibility of the head, whether it’s corded or battery-operated, and many other factors. At Get A Cut, we offer a fully comprehensive selection of epilators assuring that you will find the best match for you.

Check out the full range of epilators that we offer and find the perfect one for you!