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Advice and Knowledge

  • How to get a salon-perfect blow dry

    There is no such feeling as the one when you’re stepping out of the hair salon with a bouncy, professional blow d...
  • Cutting your partner's hair at home

    Should you do it? A question that has been asked by so many women du...
  • Which beard trimmer is right for you?

    How to use a beard trimmer  1. Research the right beard trimmer for you. There are plenty of differe...
  • A complete guide to buying the perfect epilator

    Women who switched to using epilators for hair removal are not only pointing out the convenience and the time saved by using them but they also notice that their hair is becoming thinner and fewer. Let us save you the trouble of shaving and help you find the best epilator for you!
  • How to trim a beard

    Whether you have the classic goatee, a luscious full beard, a 5 o’clock shadow, or you’ve just decided to grow a beard, keeping your grooming game on point can make a huge difference in your overall style. So, we’ve put together a guide that demonstrates how to clean up your beard without compromising its burgeoning glory.