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How to get a salon-perfect blow dry

There is no such feeling as the one when you’re stepping out of the hair salon with a bouncy, professional blow dry. It leaves you with shiny and silky hair that you can’t stop running your fingers through and every time you turn your head, you get a fresh burst from the scent of shampoo.

However, not all of us have the budget for a trip to the salon every time we need a blow out. But, don’t worry! We’re letting you in on the secret to a perfect salon blow out , and with just a few steps, you can achieve it in the comfort of your home.

Steps for the perfect blow out

Step 1: Use the right hair products

Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner you are using are the right match for your hair. By properly nourishing your hair, you avoid having split ends straying away, or losing its shine. You won’t be able to achieve the shiny silky look if your hair is not hydrated and the roots aren’t clean of oils. It is crucial to rinse the hair thoroughly, to remove any excess product that might be on already, and prevent itchiness, or having your hair looking flat after a few hours.

Step 2: Be careful when towel-drying

Don’t use the towel to rub your hair excessively, because it can damage the hair shaft, but also cause frizz or make the split end ever more visible. Blot your hair carefully between the towel, instead of rubbing, and if you can use a microfiber towel- even better. Also, if you’re not in a rush, leave your hair to air dry a little, before you use the hair dryer.

Step 3: Don't forget a heat protector

The most important part of nourishing your hair is using a heat protector every time you dry your hair with a hair dryer or you’re using a hair curler or a straightener. After you apply it, comb your hair to distribute it evenly. Always start combing the tips of your hair first, and work your way up to the root. This will help you detangle the knots easily, and prevent any breakages.

Step 4: Give it volume

Once your hair is fully prepared, we come to using the hair dryer. In this step, we recommend using a styling brush alongside the hair dryer to run through your hair and keep the strands separated. One trick to give your hair more volume and body, is drying it upside down. Continue drying your hair until it is about 80% dry.

Step 5: Time to blow dry

Divide your hair into more manageable sections, and clip it into place. Ideally, try to keep the section about 2 inches wide. Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom layers, which are the ones you will blow dry first.

Take one section of the hair, and comb your brush underneath it from the root to the tip, and have the hairdryer follow the motion of the styling brush This will help smooth out the hair cuticles and remove any remaining moisture. Repeat this motion until the section is dry, before moving on to the next one. If you focus on the roots of your hair, it will help you create more volume, or if your hair dryer comes with additional attachment, use the concentrator nozzle for a sleeker and straighter blow dry

Step 6: Finish off with hair spray

Finally, blast your hair with some cool air, as this will help it set and stop it from frizzing immediately. Use a serum to control any frizz and give your hair a glossy finish, but keep in mind, you won’t need more than a small blob. Finish up your salon blow dry, spray your hair with some hair spray to keep it in place

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